Saturday, December 10, 2016

Do liberals have a safe place for Rednecks?

Kevin Drum wants Rednecks to learn the political correctness things, like "Big Macs are evil", and "any degenerate can play bluegrass",  Figure out stuff as if we were educated or something. Maybe us Rednecks not that smart, he  might be right. Without Asians helping, we have a hard time with Newton';s grammar.

But, Kevin is asking us Rednecks to join him in a delusionary game of, "Let's control evolution".  Tell Kevin no, he should never play evolution with a Redneck, they often win.

Kevin Drum: It's Time To Bury "Economic Anxiety" Once and For All: "If you insist on continuing to look at this year's election through an economic'll never figure out what's going on.... Middle-class incomes have been pretty stagnant....But it's not as if this only affected whites while blacks and Hispanics have been kicking a--.... It's cultural, not economic.... It's about not being the boss anymore.... Let's not keep looking around the economic lamppost just because the light is better there.

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