Wednesday, December 28, 2016

FX traders in the pits

The import export bank has to keep the distribution  of liquidity trades in one direction in relatively the same shape as the distribution in the other direction, when considering a single trade pair. In the ideal case, ratio works and the two currencies differ by a constant factor. As usual, the import/export has to gain and lose bit error, in this model, but the ratio tend to remain and division works.

Bitcoin has become part of the pricing ring, it is a fair measure of generic import/export bank bit error.. It garnered this task when government began direct controls on denominations and digits (China and India). Bitcoin is an observably fair exchange available worldwide, it evades government manipulation, Hence, the central bankers are stuck, they are faced with a valid measure of their own governments incompetence.

But, we can imagine a set of bitcoin backed pits that trade specific currency pairs, the pits be the ratio. The is virtually what se have, bitcoin traders mostly  swap the cost of government interference among themselves,. it is  measure of bonehead government.


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