Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Handling Congressional insider trading

import TradingPit as Pit
Pit.boss = CongressionalTraders

The pit boss site will deliver all of its cycle income back to senators and congressmen who trade at the site, they are subsidized.  The more insider information they get, they get double bonus..  Thus, those who want the first scoop can pay the cycle fee and bet with the Swampers.  It will make government much more efficient as smart traders and Swampers mix it up in the pits, only good will come. Of course, Senators and Congress critters will be analyzed as to their yield over any sequence of trades.  Like when the banking bills come up, be sure and track old Schumer, he hags with the debt cartel members.

I am working on some of the details.  I can include all of the major stock indices, but our best case would be include investment stocks as the insider bets on therm, like a revolving index, an index of most common insider swamp trades..

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