Friday, December 23, 2016

Hedge fund to price crypto currency risk

Business Insider: A 27-year-old has raised $10 million for an unusual hedge fund – with support of venture capitalists like AndreessenHorowitz and Union Square Ventures.
The 27-year-old in question is Olaf Carlson-Wee, and he's launching a strategy that invests in cryptocurrencies.
To be clear, the $10 million managed by Carlson-Wee's Polychain Capital is peanuts in the hedge fund world. But Polychain's strategy is rare, with few other funds trading in cryptocurrencies. Most hedge funds trade stocks, bonds, and currencies, with variations of different strategies.
He is looking for risk points in the currencies, and correlations with external flows.  Then he make a smooth surface between those and a 'safe rate', which is what the CEO of JPM tells us it is.  But most of his trade will be waiting for Bitcoin to pick out the next central banker blunder.  Instead, he will migrate into code verification and bonding, a great business in the new world of auto-deployable fair trading pits. If the VC play this right, they become the insurance company for Singularity 1.0.

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