Sunday, December 18, 2016

I think you can import them, John, from...China

A top U.S. lawmaker said China may be poring over a seized underwater drone to unearth secret information about Navy technology, hours after President-elect Donald Trump suggested Beijing should “keep it.”“The Chinese are able to do a thing called reverse-engineering, where they are able to -- while they hold this drone, able to find out all of the technical information. And some of it is pretty valuable,” Senator John McCain of Arizona said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”The comments by McCain, who leads the Senate Armed Services Committee, underscored the U.S. political tensions touched off by China’s decision to scoop up the submersible in international waters in the South China Sea. Assurances from China that the vessel would be returned failed to quiet U.S. critics -- including Trump, who initially denounced the snatch-and-grab move and then reversed himself hours later.
And if my experience in the defense industry is any guide, the drone the Chinese stole is a generation behind the consumer model. 

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