Saturday, December 10, 2016

I can arbitrate this dispute

The Stanford band was disbanded. The charge:

The notoriously irreverent Stanford band will be suspended through next spring after administrators found “a systemic cultural problem” in the student group that has “not been taken seriously by the band or its leadership.”The punishment requires the band to stop all activities, both on and off campus. Students who flout the order could be disciplined individually.
Band members simply claim they had a beer now and then at the always popular Teahouse:

The Band is neither the first or last student group to get pitchers at Treehouse. A Band member who insisted on anonymity for fear of university backlash stated that, as expected, drinks at Treehouse were hardly wild: “Before rehearsal, certain sections grab dinner at Treehouse, and some people order beer with their meals.” Pitchers do not create an alcoholic culture. If they do, we cordially invite Dr. Boardman to disband the Stanford Review. Band members also strongly dispute the allegations of drunk rollouts. Meanwhile, alcohol flows in excess at university-approved frat parties and freshman dorms almost every weekend of the academic year. Enforcement of the hard alcohol policy has been laughable. 
Wait, the charges go further:

The Stanford band has been infamous since the 1960s and has been suspended before — in 1986, for urinating on the field, and in 2006, after being accused of trashing the trailerthat had been its home.Before Friday’s letter, the band already had been under scrutiny over its behavior since 2012. In the spring of 2015, Stanford barred the band from performing at away athletic events after finding it had violated university rules on alcohol, controlled substances, hazing and sexual harassment.“Violations included a tradition in which a band member was given an alcoholic concoction intended to make that individual vomit publicly; an annual trip in which some band members used illegal substances; and a band selection process in which individuals were asked a number of inappropriate questions on sexual matters,” a university statement said at the time. 

Drinking beer and pissing in public.  If I recall, they also cost Stanford the Gig Game against tUC Berzerkley when they ran onto the field.

On November 20, 1982, the Cal football team wins an improbable last-second victory over Stanford when they complete five lateral passes around members of the Cardinals’ marching band, who had wandered onto the field a bit early to celebrate the upset they were sure their team had won, and score a touchdown. 

You can catch the band being a drunken mob after a game:

My verdict: The band should transfer to Redneck U.

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