Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pricing semantic searches and meeting the IP layer

Dealing worth two types of searches. Search one, I want to spell retrieve, search tow I want to recover a recent article about some obscure probability stunt.  The former is likely to be free, the later will cost me a penny.. Butthey are both URL syntax, with a script ready to send.  How can tyhe search engine intercept the simple searches?

Will, yhe engine is back to organizing a nested block semantic graph according to probability, size, type of word; etc.  If it can direct simply searches to the local host,like the one on the desk, then bandwidth is saved.  Words and phrases are going to get priced, the search engine is being decomposed into decomposition bots that co-exist at the router layer.  The bots will learn to read, actually.They will functionally retain traces of words and phrases used by humans and in what context,

You and I co-learn to read with the bots,  we will want to save our Comcast bill. We will adapt a common language with the routing bots. The more entropy (least redundancy) in our language, The easier the task of decomposing our search and saving bandwidth bills. That is called reading and writing.

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