Friday, December 23, 2016

The race of hater and hatee are indeoendent under federal law

Infowars: The arrest of a black suspect in the burning of a black Mississippi church has left egg on the faces of the The Young Turks, which last month ridiculed the possibility the attack wasn’t a hate crime.

It is not so much that liberals cheat on race, clearly it is OK to be arrested for hating blacks even if you are Black.  It is the quite obvious fact that 200 years of battle on this issue had made is plain and simple, race is not a factor in US law.  

Purples can  hate purples as easily as they can hate pinks.  The mixing up of race in hate crime is moot, we just have to show one color was the victim. Liberals never got the logic of what happened.  Conservatives got it, they used the battle to simply remove race as an issue altogether.  But liberals never intended to abandon racism, never once.

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