Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Supremes when Scalia abstained

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court handed organized labor a major victory on Tuesday, deadlocking 4 to 4 in a case that had threatened to cripple the ability of public-sector unions to collect fees from workers who chose not to join and did not want to pay for the unions’ collective bargaining activities.It was the starkest illustration yet of how the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia last month has blocked the power of the court’s four remaining conservatives to move the law to the right.A ruling allowing workers to refuse to pay the fees would have been the culmination of a decades-long campaign by a group of prominent conservative foundations aimed at weakening unions that represent teachers and other public employees. Tuesday’s deadlock denied them that victory, but it set no precedent and left the door open for further challenges once the Supreme Court is back at full strength.
Here Sotomayor sided with the right to collect fees, I am sure. So how is she going to vote on the right to collect fees when the cops do it, not her favorite group?  She cannot provide a slick logic to weave, she is not that smart. Her only choice is to give the cops a break and let them  collect fees, or her whole delusion collapses in free nullification rights as she clearly makes shit up.


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