Friday, December 23, 2016

The Trumpster, avionics, the F-35 and my career

Been there, done that twice.  Here is the key to the problem and solution.

Lockheed thinks software is organized the way cubicles are organized. Not so.

To do software on the advanced fighter jet, first:
Define the bus protocol for multi-cpu operations around the craft.
Then ,there atre no 'main CPU', just CPUs that dospecialized things.
All are connect to the bus with protected, simple and tested 'making cinnections'  protocols, on the bus.

The pilot can put the jet on autopilot, plug in his smart telephone and play pokeman go, on the bus, without frigging things up. The bus is a well defined 'link' layer, with a bit of error protection built in. One CPU can find another CPU, and talk, they are mostly protected if the link layer is simple, hard, and timed out.

In today's world of the future, all the rest, all the war fighting, targeting, swarming, and sniffing; all that been done many times on many a game simulator. And fly by wire well known. So, certainly software dispersal across the bus is the name of the game, there is no master release of software, just paired releases of sub functions that expand their interactions, on the bus. Or, as the lazy engineer says, lets skip the 'main CPU' concept and then we can sit anywhere.

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