Thursday, December 15, 2016

The universal smart cfard calibraion

Thesand box had independently created S&L functions, on the company computer. Open source, down loaded, and it can issue coin.  Yet, I say this can be done indeoendently across the sand box, and the coins are interchangeable.

Hoew is thay posible?
Well, first if I orovd it mathematically, I would should that the trading pit,operating under the given rules, would be limited to a set of human shopping habits called mall shopping. That is, the residual bit error in the standard S&L pit, is always he same smaller set of 'modulo arithmetic, and that set is uniquely available everywhere in any arbitrarily large set of possible modulo arithmetic systems.

Whew, in simple terms. The pit rules I impliclty set did two thing, ran a bit in the red and always used cycle pricing to bring lose bit error down over a period of a week or so. I had secret knowledge, I talked to my mathematician grocer and picked up the typical retail delivery period, So I know in this economy, lose discretionary cash is good for a eek or so, until we go get another pile from the ATM. That pattern should be a lock across a common monetary zonr, and unique.  I have outwitted the teenagers.

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