Sunday, December 25, 2016

Using Intel SGX to load and run your bot at the pits

Loved by developers and operators for their lightweight and ease-of-use, containers are ideal units of packaging and deployment, giving portability across different environments. So you can run your containers in many places, but do you want to? Much debate has raged about the security properties of the isolation provided by containers. With SCONE, the Secure CONtainer Environment, another piece of the puzzle falls into place making containers not only one of the easiest ways to package and deploy applications, but also one of the most secure. The promise of SCONE is that an enterprise (or indeed, anyone concerned about security) can package up a secure container image which can then be run on any suitable infrastructure platform safe in the knowledge that no-one can see inside the container – not even the operator of the platform or an attacker that has managed to e.g. gain root privileges on a container host. And that makes containers probably the all-round best way there is to run applications, period.
This feature will be easy to use under python.  But, gosh, golly gee whiz; the industry is thinking. In fact, Intel SGX is a core technology in trading bit coin.  One can drop a bitcoin onto a SGX secure network of pits, let your bots bet it at various locations, and in fractions.  Then, on your command, go get a whole bitcoin out of the environment,and there is no need to re-constitute ledgers, at all. observation of coin can be maintained in a verified environment, if parties are limited to honest bots.

So, our  prospective company, is called Redneck Trading Pits, mark to market in a millisecond.  Full risk pricing, guaranteed sandbox, anonymous, open source fair pit bosses, all secure SGX python. Our motto?  Our pits find the likely supply chain generating any set of liquidity events.


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