Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Daily Caller: A Clinton campaign aide says that a typo in a March 19 email sent to John Podesta is to blame for opening the campaign chairman’s Gmail account up to Russian cyber hackers.The IT aide, Charles Delavan, tells The New York Times that his error — typing the word “legitimate” instead of “illegitimate” to describe a hacker’s email — continues to haunt him.“This is a legitimate email,” Delavan wrote to Clinton campaign aide Sara Latham after she forwarded him an spear phishing email designed to look like official correspondence from Google.“John needs to change his password immediately,” Delavan added, while also providing a link to a Google page that would have allowed Podesta to safely change his email password.
So, we should be using an e mail app that works in a sand box.  A sand box will not execute any code that exits the sand box parameter space.

I use the Redneck method.  Use a $250 used HP piece of crap for a personal computer, and make sure I have no secrets on it.  What secrets could a secessionist have?

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