Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Will Amazon produce the secure smart card?

Bozo bought an Israeli firm and they are doing a 'network' chip for the Internet of Things.  But, obviously, the first thin in the network is the cash card, without it there is no IoT.  Bozo does not do the legacy stuff, trying to leverage an installed base.  They are just likely to produce it and sell it globally for $20, putting secure, pure cash transactions in the hands of billions. He already has a one billion person market in India, just make the letter_to_central_banker(), optional, not mandatory.

Looking at the job description at this firm, I fit the profile, except for the part about 'Works well with others'.  The description lists cryptography, knowledge of.  Normally that is not part of chip making, but it is essential to embed that in the chip for secure smart card.

And, Bozo gets the advantage, he sees that Amazon pay has 20% of the market, mainly because he holds and secures our identities quite well.  So, it will be a small step for him to conclude that a secure smart card can easily hold out keys for pure cash.

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